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SEO Website Audit

A successful SEO website audit is critical to your business and website. It positions everything related to your website’s level of search visibility.

An annual SEO audit can help your website stay healthy and grow your business!

215 Design Group full SEO Website Audit services will deliver you a full report of the health of your website and offer recommendations that can aid your website online authority. Our audit is the first step we take before engaging into any of our SEO services that we propose, as well as learning how healthy your website is doing from a technical assessment. We manually audit for issues both on-site and off-site that can prevent your website search engines exposure and service you with actions plans on how to fix these concerns.

Why do I require an SEO audit?

Search engines continue to change how they calculate a search query when someone doing a search. It was as simple as adding keywords to your title tags, meta descriptions and header tags, then get a few back links and there you go you are ranking!

Well guess what, if it was that easy everyone would have done it and you would still have a ranking issue. You're so busy running a business you done have the time to keep up! There are hundreds of ranking factors used by the search engines to determine how your site will rank in the results.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Throughout our manual SEO website audit, we analyze a few or all of the elements listed below. Every audit we complete is custom to your specific goals.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Offsite SEO Audit

  • Errors – (page not found errors)
  • External Links – also known as backlinks
  • Broken Links – both internal and external
  • Anchor Text – keyword title links
  • Images – optimization issues
  • Headings – review titles tags
  • File Size – optimize for faster load time
  • Meta Description – apply best practices
  • Title Tags – generate catchy headline titles
  • URL Structure – length issues, dynamic URL, underscores
  • Bots – full analysis to ensure bots work correctly
  • Robot file – controlling indexed and not indexed
  • Sitemaps – proper formatting for search engines 
  • Aesthetic – design/structural improvements 
  • Mobile – confirming responsiveness
  • Analytics/Webmaster Tools – implement both

Offsite SEO Audit

  • Inbound Followed Links – quantity and quality
  • Anchor Text – ensure ratios are even
  • Authority and Trust – see how trusted your website is
  • Social Media – mentions and visibility

Local SEO Audit

  • Citation Analysis – quantity and quality
  • Google+ Local – ensure ratios are good
  • Review Analysis – see how trusted your website is
  • Location Landing Page – mentions and visibility

Additional Audit Includes

  • Pre-Audit Consultation – 30 minutes website review
  • Post-Audit Consultation – 1 hour review and questions

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