Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Development

Provided a simple online shopping capability that tops their expectations and boosts your conversions.

E-commerce websites don't have to break the bank

Building an e-commerce website from conception is expensive, time consuming, and contains many unforeseen compatibly concerns with other 3rd party components used to make an all-inclusive efficient website. This is why we recommend our clients to customize one of the many turnkey e-commerce website development solutions to fit your needs. We have selected a few turnkey e-commerce services that are secure, stable, with user friendly experience and easy of integration and scalability with your business needs.

Our process involves customizing your turnkey e-commerce storefront to fit your brand, sales model, and product offerings without the extreme custom solution price tag. Once your site is up and running, we can serve as an ongoing maintenance and support resource to ensure a happy shoppers experience that will put your business growth on the fast-track.

Options to Choose From

We have experience launching online storefront with these options.

Get a website that is optimized for every smart device

The appearance and usability of your website is vital. Delivering all of the elements associated with your brand is an important purpose of good design. Our knowledgeable developers and web designers provide you with a fully customized theme for your WordPress platform. Custom themes offer unique user experiences, along with easy site management for site owners.  Your content can be easy to implement and optimized on a dependable basis.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Hosted Solutions

Starting with hosted solutions, you’re investing on a monthly fee to lease your website from the vendor like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion. Setup is fast and simple, there often is a flashy WYSIWYG interface for editing your products and content. Our contribution would be limited to helping you find the appropriate template, uploading your products and categories, and helping you set up the options for payments and shipping.

Hosted ECommerce Pros:

  • Updates – Host vendors manage most updates, upgrades, fixes.
  • Support – Easy access to support often included in monthly fee.
  • Easy – Simple and easy user interface for management.
  • Cost – Minimal startup cost to get set up.
  • Templates – Many templates are available for free or the option to purchase a custom theme.

Hosted ECommerce Cons:

  • Lease – You don’t “own” your website, you lease it. If you cancel your contract, your site disappears as well as all your serps.
  • Fees – Monthly fees can add up quickly. There will be a monthly fee plus percentage of every transaction, plus monthly subscriptions to any additional add-ons, extra emails, even SSL and security.
  • Limitations – There can be limitations on bandwidth and number of the transaction before a jump to the next payment level of service.
  • Overall Cost – You never pay off your website, the website will continue to cost you for the life of the website.
  • Limited Control – There is limited control all around. You must always conform to the boundaries of the hosted solution. Some items you will be unable to change; some options will be unavailable.


This is the ideal solution for a business that doesn’t mind owning a site for a lifetime or paying monthly fees in exchange for convenience and simplicity. If you have a small number of products and expect a small number of transactions, this would be the best solution.

Non-Hosted Solution

When it comes to a non-hosted solution, the sky is the limit. You have 100% complete control and independence over the future of your website. Our contribution would be important during the build of a non-hosted e-commerce website. Beginning with process of selecting the right platform that cover your needs, setting up hosting, installing the software, organizing and importing your products and content, setting up the merchant account and shipping options, and helping with any 3rd party support integrations you may have.

Non-Hosted ECommerce Pros:

  • Non-hosted e-commerce solutions have unlimited options. Various ads on, themes and plugins are available for the non-hosted solutions.
  • Customizability built in easier. You have the liberty of modifying anything to improve better user experience.
  • Unlimited products and categories for your website. This helps grow your e-commerce site bigger and complex.

Non-Hosted ECommerce Cons:

  • No technical support. No one to contact when the platforms run into errors. You might have to hire a web designer to help you with updates and errors at a cost.
  • Not the easiest to set up. Compared to hosted ecommerce platforms.
  • The hosting fees will climb. Watch out for an increase in your website traffic as it starts to eat up all your allocated data transfer.


    Once your e-commerce website is live, you will have no monthly fees, other than for hosting and payment processing. Your website is yours to do with as you request, and we will play a supporting role as needed. Updates and upgrades will be handled on an as-needed basis outside the primary build.

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