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Team  //  Meet the two 1 five design team.

Zack Rivera- Founder/Creative Director

This energetic designer with his unique combination of technical and creative skills created two 1 five design group in 2003. Zack’s insight and determination brought together a cohesive team of talented people with different skills using innovative technologies and cutting-edge graphics to deliver successful results. Zack believed his knowledge of design would yield him to create a design firm fusing art, passion and technology to create innovative identities and brands for businesses. As a creative director, he works closely with the client teams to ensure the projects are successfully realized from start to finish, and making sure each project gets our design stamp of approval.

Zack is the mastermind behind two 1 five. A design guru & entrepreneur, Zack has the ability to think for the company and its clients. Zack has a plethora of ideas for almost anything that comes his way.

Zack has been involved with every single thing two 1 five has created & needless to say, has his hand & eyes on everything that’s ever been delivered by two 1 five. Clients and everyone at two 1 five have benefited from his guidance, advice, & yes even stubborn insistence on what design elements are important & why.

two 1 five has never done anything half way, and the brand has held up its value through up & down client markets since the company was started in 2003, and it shows no signs of stopping. Zack doesn’t make it. He makes it happen.

Rick McIntire- Account Manager/Copywriter

Rick has been a part of the two 1 five design group’s team since its early days. Back then this Villanova graduate wrote copy, and with the help of the team, designed dazzling amenities for VIP and celebrity guests for a five-star hotel redefining the meaning of customer service and VIP treatment. Today Rick works full-time at two 1 five design group as an Account Manager and Copywriter. His enthusiasm and personality are evident in every project he is involved in. Through his unique and conversational writing style he communicates exactly what needs to be said, capturing the exact audience he intends to reach. He is committed to every detail from start to finish and raises everything he is involved with to a whole new level.

Nadia Bosket- Account Manager/Copywriter

This innovative and enthusiastic individual is the newest member to the two 1 five team. Nadia is currently a senior at Temple University double majoring in Marketing and Sport and Recreation Management. She first came on board as an intern but now works as an Account Manager and Copywriter. She is responsible for all the creative content of our work. Nadia has the ability to think critically and outside of the box. She is very detailed oriented and passionate about her work.

Robin Wallace- Copywriter/Editor

As a dynamic writer at two 1 five design group, Robin captivates readers with her creative flair for making factual information vibrant and relevant. The greatest tools Robin employs include her endless curiosity and prolific vocabulary. This combination allows her to grasp the minute detail to the overall vision, while being able to communicate this in a compelling fashion that allows the reader to feel authentically connected to the story. With a knack for generating copy with a heartbeat, Robin pursues each assignment with ferocity to truly represent the passion of the project.

Ksenia Pomomarenko – Graphic Designer

Ksenia Ponomarenko, originally from Moscow, is a gifted graphic designer who is also able to imprint her own unique style on every one of her projects. This very bright young lady already holds a degree in design and is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Finance. She is a true team player, a pleasure to be around and a very good sport — especially when it comes to getting teased about her Russian accent and phrases.

Christine Morrison- Graphic Designer

Quiet but extremely dedicated, Christie became a part of the two 1 five design group as a graphic designer after spending 4 years at Kutztown University and living in cow country in pursuit of a degree in graphic design. With a love of drawing, illustration and type design, Christie fuses a refined design style with overall playfulness and fun, which she brings to every project at two 1 five design group. She’s a color fanatic and knows that. Let’s face it. Everything looks better with some hot pink in it.

Anthony Thompson- Web programmer/Designer

Anthony is in control of the interactive projects at two 1 five design group. Anthony is a graduate from the Art institute with a degree in Multimedia Design and Development. While working at two 1 five design group he continues to broaden his horizons with every interactive project he undertakes. He is extremely disciplined and fully committed to several projects at any given time, leaving little room for much conversation while he is designing. However Anthony is also an extremely talented musician who does not hesitate to grab his guitar and serenade the other members of the team while taking a break from designing.